Lab Members

Current Members:

James Harker – Group Lead

James is currently a Sir Henry Dale Fellow, funded by the Wellcome Trust and Royal Society. He did his PhD with Peter Openshaw, at St Marys Hospital in London, before spending 5 years in San Diego, California working with Elina Zuniga. He returned to Imperial College London, at the South Kensington campus, in 2013 to start his own research group with the help of his fellowship. He is interested, and has worked on, almost every cell in the immune system and in particular how this complex network communicates to provide us with protection from infection, auto-immune diseases and cancer.

Chloe Pyle – Research Assistant

Faith Uwadiae – MRC-Asthma UK PhD student

William Foster – BBSRC ICP PhD student



Previous Members:

Artur Gerasimov – MSc in Immunology

David Swieboda – MRes in Respiratory & Cardiovascular Sciences

Jack Morris – MRes in Respiratory & Cardiovascular Sciences

Catherine Spilsbury – BSc in Respiratory Sciences

Rebecca Leszcynski – MRes in Respiratory & Cardiovascular Sciences

Rohit Siroya – MSc in Immunology

Helen Groves – MRes in Respiratory & Cardiovascular Sciences



Friends and Associate Members: